Insight note today from the sharing of Thuan Pham

Insight note today from the sharing of Thuan Pham – Uber CTO.
1. Working ethic: Tear thing down – break thing with fast speed.
2. Platform mindset: Always pay attention to scalibility and plan 1 step ahead.
3. How to battle failure?
Pick out most trouble some failures, analyze, and fix it. Another way is always challenges your staff to fix thing for you and self learn.
Be responsible for failures of yr employees like you do.
Get process to lower the risk with different level of severity for your dept. ( Managers and Director level will be involve in certain level failure of severity not all)
4. Hiring process:
Put a question on who we need? Their Capability? Stage of your company?
Interview panel to shorten rounds and time for both side.
Training protocol and materials to train new hire as scalibility too –> edtech.
Hire people of few yrs exp yet hungry to move fast.
5. Side story: The Famous 30h interview w Uber CEO while recruiting Thuan Pham:
A. Step 1: Uber CEO List out real topic/ issue
B. Thuan Come back home and continue to “argue” on the topics over Skype.
C. Towards the end of the interview, some problems solved and Thuan get hired, continue solving problems together w Uber CEO till now.
Truly amazing!