A great recipe blog post takes hours & money to create

A great recipe blog post takes hours & money to create. You need to buy the ingredients, cook (sometimes more than once), photograph using good lighting and decoration, edit the pictures, create pinnable images and write the blog post itself. This doesn’t even include additional time or costs of promoting the post.
So you know what ISN’T appropriate “compensation” from a brand for so much work? Offering to ‘pay back’ by sharing the blog post on their Twitter account.
That tweet won’t pay for the ingredients, gas or even close to paying for time spent.
Ridiculous… I wonder if their salaries are paid through Tweets also. Maybe that’s how it will be in the future… “Oh, I’m so sorry – I can’t pay your salary this month, so instead, I’m going to give you exposure by tweeting your name out to all our followers.”
Bloggers, don’t let yourself be taken advantage of!


  1. Elizaveta Hesketh says:

    I have grown accustomed to these. I get requests to do free work about 2-3 times a day. More often now though I am actually asked to pay money, do the promo, and then provide all of the analytics to the company. I wonder what’s next? My guess would be – voluntary enslavement. Next they will ask to work for months at a time for no pay. I am surprised I still have freedom to travel.

    1. Ronnie Epsi says:

      They want YOU to pay money to promote them?? That is the ultimate level of “chutzpa!”

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